Emotionally Evoking Photography.

Tangible Family Heirlooms.

We are Stonebridge & Elm Photography, based in Statesville, North Carolina. 

We focus on using natural light to create powerful images that demand attention. We are lifestyle photographers that pride ourselves on capturing priceless portraits in the moment, as you live them. Our goal is to deliver images that bring the viewer back in time so that they may feel the same emotion, love, and connection that was present on that day. 

We are firm believers that pictures should be more than a gallery on your phone or an album online. Photographs are a lasting legacy that should be touched, treasured, and celebrated. There is no better way to relive history than by viewing it. Decades from now, new generations will have questions. They will want to know who you were and where they came from.

Give them the gift of knowledge. 

"A people without knowledge of their past, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots." -Marcus Garvey

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I'm Laurel, and along with my partner Jeffrey, we are the smiles behind the lenses at Stonebridge and Elm Photography!

We believe the moments we capture are monumental and will be treasured for not only a lifetime, but will forever grasp a moment in your family tree. We also know that countless moments linked together in time brought you to where you are today- and we want to celebrate those as well. 

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