Good to Meet You

Let's take a minute to get to know each other.

I'm Laurel, and along with my partner Jeffrey, we are the smiles behind the lenses at Stonebridge & Elm Photography!

We believe the moments we capture are monumental and will be treasured for not only a lifetime, but will forever grasp a moment in your family tree. We also know that countless moments linked in time brought you to where you are today- and we want to celebrate those as well. 

What is Stonebridge and why Elm?

He grew up on Stonebridge Trail. She lived on Elm Street.

Hundreds of miles apart they are blissfully unaware that in due time, they would be under one roof, madly in love, with a precious child of their own. 

If you haven't guessed it already- I'm talking about Jeff and I! It is so important to us that we share our intimate history with you, because you will be trusting us with some of your most precious moments!

Everywhere your have been and everything you have done adds a chapter to your story. Details are so important, whether it is the name of the street you grew up on, the restaurant you first met in, or the smell of the leather from the first car you bought together. 

To know our heritage and where we came from makes our past become our present.

Lineage is so important to us, because it tells the story that we often forget in the fast paced life we all live today. Our goal is to capture those precious moments and tell your story for not only years, but for generations to come.  

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